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FreshEssays.com Review 2017: General Information

We base all our essay services reviews on the same principle – evaluate the services, prices, writers and customer service. This freshessays.com review will be nothing different. At a first glance, we are looking at a trendy design and various promises such as ‘quality essays on the cheap and on the double’. Considering that this essay writing service has been working since 2010, this is certainly possible. Will deeper evaluation confirm these promises?

Services Offered

The ‘our services’ page lists four groups of services: writing from scratch, editing/ proofreading, admission essays and PowerPoint presentations. The first group includes all commonly requested papers and a few less commonly assigned academic papers such as speeches, summaries and business plans.

If you are a student looking for a company that offers a variety of writing services, freshessays.com is one we would rate as a good choice of an essay writing service based on range of services offered.


The starting page of freshessays.com is only $10 per page, which is a cheap price when compared to other essay writing services. As the deadline comes closer, the prices rise and get up to $48 per page for a deadline of 3 hours.

This pricing is not at all high and can be considered very cheap. But, can you trust that a company will deliver top-notch papers at such a low fee? We will investigate this in the Quality part of this freshessays.com review.

Discounts and Features

Even though the pricing of this company proved to be very good for a student’s pocket, the discount is not as good an option as the original quotes for papers. This essay writing service offers quite a unique discount policy – pay for an order and get a discount on the next order.

This may be an inviting offer to start with, but 10% from the first and 5% from the remaining orders is a very low percentage, especially when you account that other companies offer immediate discounts that range up to 25%.
The other disadvantage of this system is the fact that you do not get the discount on your first order, i.e. you are obliged to make another order to get it.

There are various features that come at additional cost and a bulk discount of 5% for orders over $500 and 10% for orders over $1000.

Customer Support and Site Usability

A good essay service review would be incomplete if we fail to mention the ways to contact the agency. In this case, you can reach the service’s representatives via their 24/7 live chat, the phone number listed on the website and the contacting form in the ‘Contact us’ page.

In our experience, the live chat works perfectly. We found the phone agent to be very hard to understand since she was clearly not a native English speaker. For this reason, we would recommend the live chat or contact form option.

Quality of Writers

Evaluating the team of writers is one of the most important features of an essay service review. To help you get the best insight, we have placed our order with the company.

As expected, our term paper came at a low cost. We did not enjoy a discount since the discount policy does not allow it for first orders, but we did get credit on the profile that equals 10% from our first order.

We are in doubt whether we should use this discount or not. Why? Because the paper we got was of relatively good quality, but not as good as the company promised. It was clearly written by a non-native.

However, if you check their website info, you will notice that they say ‘by now 95% of our writers are degree-holding native English speakers’. Either the company has done a great trick in making us believe that it was our bad luck to get a non-native writer, or this percentage is a lie.


FreshEssays.com is a solid writing company, offering a variety of papers for very cheap prices. From our experience with companies that are so cheap, you cannot expect highest quality papers for such a low fee. In our case, we got an averagely written paper that had to be edited due to the many mistakes in content. Otherwise, the company delivers on time and has a good customer service.

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