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Trustmypaper.com Review 2017: General Information

The fast-paced society we live in today doesn’t give us any extra time, and sometimes even takes away of the time we need to accomplish the basics. This is one of the reasons why so many essay writing services appeared and why so many people seek to outsource their academic writing tasks to professionals who can do it for them. Trustmypaper.com is an online writing company that has been around for several years, as they state, under the same name, and they take pride in being one of the rare services that remain on the market for such a long time. In this trustmypaper.com review we’re going to look closer into all that this company has to offer, in order to exactly demonstrate their strengths and weaknesses.

Services Offered

We’re going to start of this essay service review with the services they offer, as this is one of most important factors that potential clients want to know about. On their website you get insight into several categories of services which are: academic writing assistance, resume/CV, admission services help, dissertation services, copywriting services, rewriting services, editing help, proofreading, multiple choice questions and science and stats. All of the above mentioned have subcategories of all the different tasks within each of the main categories. To see an exact list of every service trustmypaper.com offers, visit their website.


In every single essay service review we include a basic overview of the price, which is a factor that influences a lot, since affordability play a huge role. As most of online essay services reviews show, the price is based on four major factors: academic level, type of service, deadline and number of pages. Before ordering you get to fill out the table with all of the mentioned factors, and you get to pick a deadline between 6 hours and 15 days. The shorter the deadline and the higher the academic level, the more your essay will cost. Although they are unique in the sense that they are available to tackle your essay within only six hours, it is going to take a good chunk of money from your account.


As soon as you enter the website, there’s a discount count displayed that you can use to achieve a discount on your first order. The discount varies, but the current offering is 15% off. So, if you decide to start off with their service, you are eligible for an immediate discount. In addition to one-time and special offers, they also offer you the chance to get your hands on special discounts if you sign up with your email. Although the discounts that are available aren’t specified, you are welcome to contact their customer representatives, if you are looking for more information on how you can get a better deal on your order.

You also get extra savings because they offer unlimited revisions, a free plagiarism report, title page, outline, reference page,and page formatting, which otherwise would be charged additionally.

Customer Support

This Trustmypaper.com review will also give you insight into their customer support service. They have all the standard contact options which include email, phone (toll-free), live chat and contact form, whichever you prefer. The choice is yours. They also claim that their customer service is online 24/7 every day of the year, but on certain days they seem more accessible and efficient than on others. It might be due to the volume of their work or the number of requests they have to handle.

Writing Team

Due to the various different academic writing tasks they offer, they have a team of over 500 writings that are at their disposal. Their team has been expanded over the years, as they choose writers with degrees in different fields and test them until they meet required standards. After that, they are assigned to the writing assignments that fit their skills and expertise the most.

Through our essay services reviews you’re able to determine whether a writing service seems both competent and affordable, as you’re able to compare them to other companies online who are in the same market. If you find their company intriguing, you can find out more on their website.

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